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Little Houses by Tamsyn

Frome A4 Giclee print

Frome A4 Giclee print

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Frome A4 Giclee Print: Beloved Landmarks under a Starry Sky

Frome is pronounced ‘Froome as in Broom’ rather than ‘Frome as in Rome’.

Experience the enchanting beauty of Frome with our stunning black and white Giclee print, showcasing the town's most beloved buildings and cultural features beneath a mesmerizing starry sky. Created by Frome-based illustrator Tamsyn Gill, this captivating artwork highlights iconic landmarks such as the RISE building, Catherine Hill, The Frome Independent Market, Cheese and Grain, Cheap Street, and many more, celebrating the unique charm that makes Froome feel like hoome.

Add a touch of Frome's magic to your space with this high-quality A4 Giclee print, perfect for any home or office. The intricate details of the town's architectural wonders are beautifully captured in this timeless artwork, making it an ideal gift for Frome enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Embrace the enchanting essence of Frome with this exquisite print, and let the town's charm fill your environment.

  • Original digital artwork.
  • A4 Giclee print.
Please note colours may differ slightly to what you see on your screen.

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